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Antigravity Yoga – TD Bank Boston Event

I’m becoming quite the exercise-wellness guru, or at least it seems that way from my activities as of late.  Last month I spent the day relaxing & re-energizing at Urban Sweat.  Now I’m doing Antigravity Yoga.  It’s only a matter of time before Cirque du Soleil comes knocking on my door.

Okay, probably not, but I’ve always wanted to try Antigravity yoga.  It just looks like so much fun, so when I was given the opportunity with fellow Boston Parent

Giveaway – Libby’s Snack Duty

This past weekend I had the opportunity to meet Olympic soccer star and mom, Brandi Chastain! I remember watching Brandi in her famous World Cup win and as part of the Women’s Olympic Soccer Team.  My daughter is just starting to play the game, so I was excited to bring her along. She was wonderful: inspiring, friendly, and down-to-earth.

Brandi is working with Libby’s Fruits and Vegetables on it’s new Snack Duty Takeover program to highlight the importance of children …

Healthy Snacking with Libby’s Single-Serve Fruit Cups, and Fun Lunches Made Simple

Okay, I admit it. On occasion, I  pack crazy over-the-top lunches for my kids.  But please don’t think this is the norm. The fact is, I hate packing lunches.  It’s one of my least favorite things about school, but I do try to make it fun.  It doesn’t take much to turn a boring lunch into something healthy and fun to eat.

See? This lunch was really simple: peanut butter & Nutella sandwiches, baby carrots, cucumbers, cantaloupe, and a brownie. …

A Break from Craziness – Active Relaxation at Urban Sweat

Our lives are filled with stress, and that’s not healthy.  Did you know 99% of all disease is caused by stress, and 75^ of all visits to primary care physicians are stress related?  I know it’s true, because I read it on a sign :)  Even if it’s not, I know my life gets so busy I often run myself to the point of exhaustion. If I could just stop and relax…breathe, all would be well.  Raffa Yoga Active Relaxation Center

Bug Themed Bento

Today I packed a lunch to go with the bug theme in my daughter’s kindergarten class this week. They’re specifically raising butterflies, but they’ve done activities involving all sorts of insects.  Being very girly, she goes more for the cute/pretty, rather than gross and slimy.  Butterflies, ladybugs and flowers are certainly her speed.

The ladybug is simply a slice of bread & cheese.  It was going to be a turkey sandwich with cheese on top, but I didn’t have time …