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Help Students at Sandy Hook Elementary School – Family Project

This is supposed to be Cookie Week.  Did you know that today is National Cookie Baking Day?  Of course I’m baking – ’tis the season, but my self-inflicted goal to post a daily cookie recipe hasn’t happened.  Don’t worry.  I’ll post them soon (I’d say tomorrow, but that would leave me another goal that could prove unrealistic.)


I know the events from Friday are on everyone’s mind.  It’s impossible to wrap your head around how something so terrible could …

DIY Tile Coasters

With the holidays coming up, it’s time to start thinking about decorating and gift giving ideas.

This past week, my younger children had a craft fair at their school.  Each year, we turn kid produced art into cards or other items to be purchased.  My responsibility was to make something appealing out of the 6th grade and kindergarten class art projects.

Ummm….okay.  Cards are great, but let’s face it – sending mail is a lost art.  Don’t get me wrong, …

Creativity for Kids Craft Party

Pop Art Necklaces and More

Recently, thanks to MomSelect, I had the opportunity to host a Creativity for Kids Craft Party.  I often get to try out products for boys, but this was the first girly-girl party I’ve had.  It was so much fun!

Made by Faber-Castell, Creativity for Kids products are often sold at craft stores.  I know I’ve seen them (and even purchased a few) at Michael’s and some great independent toy stores.  The kits contain everything you need to get started.  I …

Wordless Wednesday – What a Little Paint Can Do

I can’t believe I didn’t take a better “BEFORE” picture, but the “AFTER” picture of this once red, beat up coffee table is stunning. It’s amazing what a little paint and some help from talented friends can produce.

Valentine’s Day “Decorating”

Although I have three children, my older two are boys.  Boys are really low maintenance when it comes to holidays, at least in my experience.  Sure, we put up the Christmas Tree, scatter a few cobwebs around at Halloween, and maybe put some plastic eggs out at Easter, but that’s always been enough to make my kids happy — until I had a girl.

My little princess thinks every day is a cause for celebrations, and decorations are a necessity.  …