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St. Patrick’s Day Snacks

My daughter had a St. Patrick’s Day party at school this week. Of course I signed up to bring something, and as usual I waited until the last minute to figure out what I could make.  Someone else had already chosen cookies, and they were already having chocolate lollipops, so I thought cupcakes might be a little too much for their pre-school bodies to handle.  instead, I made rainbow!  Fun, easy, and healthy (except for the marshmallows, that is).

Strawberries, …

Wordless Wednesday – Valentine Rose Cake

Also known as, “Cakes I see on Pinterest that I have to try”:

I think the outside of the cake was a total success – easy to create and pretty to look at.  I might need a little practice with the inside of the cake (it looks more like a chevron than a heart), but my kids were impressed.

Last Minute Thanksgiving Treats

If you have school aged children, you’ve probably had to bring something in at some point for a Thanksgiving Feast.  These events can be as simple as sharing cornbread while dressed as Pilgrims and Native Americans or as complex as an entire Thanksgiving meal.

My sons had an entire Thanksgiving Feast on Monday.  I had to make stuffing and pumpkin pie.

My daughter has her feast today.  I hadn’t seen the sign up sheet, so I told my husband to …